Do we need Things to DO ?

ljcy9ldvjwvq3orojwyhDo we really need to have something to do, plans to look forward to? Can’t we just spend the weekend in our PJ’s and binge watch Mr Robot?   We could, but what does that accomplish.  Do we feel better or do we feel like we just wasted several hours trying to understand Mr Robot. Do we feel we accomplished anything or do we just recite our to do list, the now longer version.

What if instead we took one of our days off, or even half of one, to learn something new. Experience something. Something that may even cause us to unplug and appreciate our surroundings.  Can we do that?  Can we relax enough to let go of the stress and “to do’s” and do something entirely not on the list.

What made me think of this is?  There is a Lima Bean festival not too far from me this weekend.  What is a Lima Bean festival and why are we celebrating a bean I am not even a fan of.  Oddly, I mentioned it to someone and they had been to it before and said it was a good time. Who would have thought.  I bet the festival folks thought is was fun and popular enough to have one every year.

I am now thinking of going.  It would have been the last on my list of places to be this weekend.  That is what this post is about.  Go to that place on the bottom of your list and learn, experience, laugh but most of all relax and have fun.

…….I still may go back to Mr Robot – once I think I’m smart enough 🙂






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