First blog post

Should the first blog post be deep? How my kids have gone off to college to become the best adults they can be? How I talk to the dog and cat more than I ever have before (this is true), I think not.

Instead I will say what inspired this.  Yes, darlings are off to college and I could not be happier or more excited for them. I hope they enjoy this time and have amazing adventures and experiences.

Then I thought, Mom and Dad should too.  Have amazing adventures that is.  I did my time at college many years ago.  These new adventures could be kayaking, biking, dance classes, festivals, fairs, wine tasting, beer tasting, the possibilities are endless……

That thought led me to this blog.  Let’s post what the grown up friendly things to do are in NJ. I will scour the would, or state, and hope you help and add any fun things you find.

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Things to do now that the kids have Grown, Flown, or Never had any